Who We Are

Grove Level Baptist Church was founded in 1802 by Moses Sanders and a group of 62 Christ followers. “The Grove” has presently seen over 200 years of God’s grace and provision.

During the early years, the church saw periods of both growth and decline as it tried to capture a foothold in Northeast Georgia. During the 1860′s and the time of the Civil War, the church experienced a rapid decline in membership only to rebound again to one of its strongest positions during the turn of the century. In 1902, records indicate that there were close to 400 active members attending The Grove.

Some time after, records indicate that a terrible bole weevil infestation killed an entire cotton crop in the local area, effectively draining The Grove of both its resources and members. From that time until 1990, the church only managed to keep its doors open. There was little growth and the church had minimal resources, land, and membership.

In 1990, the church leadership invited Jeff Appling to become its very first full-time pastor. In 1992, The Grove took on its first full-time missionary, and in 1994, the church purchased 48 acres of property to encourage continued growth. Since then, the church has continued to see a phenomenal movement of God on this property and in its people.

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